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School Security

Back to school season is upon us. Sorry kids 😜. That said, unfortunately, in our current environment classroom safety is becoming more and more important. Let’s start off with one of the first lines of defense in your childrens classrooms. Locks.

Standard classroom function locks have a key cylinder on the outside and no locking method on the inside. The lock must be locked or unlocked via the key cylinder on the outside. In the event of a lockdown the teacher must find their key, open the door, possibly exposing them to danger, and engage the lock. These extra steps can lead to disaster if the key cannot be found or danger is lurking in the hallway.

How do we solve this problem? Entrance function locks.

Entrance function locks, which are standard commercial door locks, are able to be locked from the inside of the classroom via push/turn button. Once the button is pushed from the inside, the door is locked until either the inside lever is turned or the key is used outside. If the push button is then turned, it will remain locked when the door is closed, even after being unlocked temporarily with a key or the inside lever is turned. Both of these functions always allow egress from the classroom in case of an evacuation.

Another important feature is a clutch mechanism. This allows the outside lever to be free turning when the door is locked. This discourages an intruder from attempting to break the lever by using additional pressure.

If you would like more information about locks for your school or classroom don’t hesitate to reach out to us for a consultation.

Have a happy and safe school year!!